Set Free

Life has taught me what it means,
To be loved more than you deserve,
To be forgiven more that you forgive,
To live on second chances.

And still I could never measure up,
All my life efforts combined could not equal,
The measures I have been given,
I sit and wonder my worth in this.

But still I soldier on and need help,
Now am held by the hand,
To learn from her like her child,
To be transformed and be of the same mind.

Now I know more than ever,
The sacrifice of loving someone like me,
The loss and pain of forgiving me,
Just because I cause them to exist.

6 thoughts on “Set Free

  1. Wow, this got me thinking,, actually there are things we take for granted,, like someone loving you so much,, forgiving you unconditionally and just being there for you,, thanks for this masterpiece

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  2. Indeed we should not take lightly what people do unto us in ensuring our well being in any/all sphere(s) of life. Keep these blessed messages coming.

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