World! Please know my mama told me I was special.
It might be not enough for you but it is for me,
It can be a weaknesses to you but it gives me strength,
It may mean I lose from time to time.

Your toughness is but to be wrecked,
For you to make me strong I have to lose my soul,
But what mama said is always in my heart,
Your people come and go like how you change.

World! Your lessons are biased,
Favoring the ruthless and causing affliction,
You show no love or care,
Your children are not like mama’s.

You have killed my dreams,
My passion is faded as I malfunction,
My thoughts are heavier, you give no room to breathe,
But there is more you cannot change.

I am honest and special,
Family is my strength,
I will be kind to everyone,
I believe and have faith in me,
Greatness is about not giving up,
Life can be lovely.

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