Lessons from My Son..

Dad life is never that serious,
Take a step back,
Be happy,
Never stop when you hear a NO.

Being curious is key,
Always say the TRUTH,
“Haha He got me there”
Be free and do what you want,
Always ask questions even when you think you know.

Anger is an enemy,
Limit its time and existence,
A smile cost nothing but heal all the time,
Remember and learn always.

Emotions can get out of hand,
But with wisdom consider the best outcome,
Show and practice love always,
Whenever I am sitted next to you I am observing you,
I learn fast hand from you and Mum.

Dad is the protector and provider,
Mum keeps the home warm with love,
Dad is king but mum rules,
I love You and Mum the same but in different ways.

7 thoughts on “Lessons from My Son..

  1. Kids are therapeutical…..that’s what I believe……just as they learn alot from us……we learn alot from them…..this is a good one๐Ÿ˜Š

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