Bare Minimum

Note I am not any special than any one before me,
Any human that walked the earth before,
As my righteousness is not comparable,
My goodness is not visible,
Neither is my love touching.

But how am I sustained?
Even more than those whose actions speak more,
Or those that serve The Almighty better than I do,
How am I sustained while I am the least?

Today I learn and accept,
It’s not by my doing,
Not by my class or standards,
Because all I get I do not deserve,
I am not equally accountable,
Or fully responsible for these blessings.

I am sustained..
For The Lord pronounced GRACE,
And  He changes not,
His MERCIES are renewed every morning,
Because His LOVE is compassionate to all,
That His actions are for all Humanity,
Because He is The LIGHT, I am directed,
Thus I am SUSTAINED because He said so.

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