To Wrestle

Everyday and every choice,
No need for big flesh muscles,
Not with anyone else,
The war is within me.

My heart fights my mind,
My emotions fight my thinking,
My sight fights my desires,
Balance is not within reach.

Time goes and my path changes,
With every action a battle is won or lost,
With every decision a habit is formed or overcome.
The battle lives on in my dreams as I sleep.

Long before I was conscious,
Before I could comprehend,
Before I could walk away, I crawled towards,
Before I could touch and taste.

My record lingers in my subconscious,
Equally balanced to affect my wins and losses,
Desire and passion overcome procrastinating,
Understanding still weak to lust.

I hide within after every loss.

2 thoughts on “To Wrestle

  1. An example of one of the common battles in most people’s minds is whether to let go of ego or not. I’m not immune to it as well…
    But GOD is our help in the time of trouble.

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  2. Personally, I think the battle never ends. At that point one thinks they’ve worn it, another one crops up. And it all happens in the mind, usually. Just to mention but a few, one of the common battles is, whether to let go of one’s ego or not

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