Gone are the days,
We woke up to I love you,
To smiling to the sun,
To a life of love.

Gone are the days,
You would look into my eyes,
And see a knight and conquerer,
As I a queen whom I serve for life.

Gone are the days,
Butterflies would rock our bodies,
As we kiss and embrace,
This distance is a killer.

Now I sit and wonder,
When will I have you back in my arms,
When will I see you with my eyes,
When will you smile at me.

Gone are the days,
We cooked and ate from one plate,
We spent days and weeks together,
Planning and hoping, loving and beholding.

These are days when,
A minute feels like two,
An hour feels like three,
And a day feels like a week,
When I am not besides you.

These are days I have been,
Swayed away from your beauty,
Lost from you sight,
I need only you now.

I miss us arguing,
And making up so easily,
Laughing to our jokes,
Ooh I miss you.
How can I find myself to you?

All I can do is think,
Of our beautiful past,
But not have you here,
Of our beautiful love,
But not feeling you now,
Of our beautiful practice,
But do nothing now.

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